Today’s youth confidence can grow if they are learning in a positive uplifting environment amongst their peers. While subbing at a school, the class and I were talking about Goals and Dreams and this one teenager was sitting off to the side and not engaging in the conversation while the rest of the class and myself were sharing our aspirations. I look at him and said “Hey man, you been silent. Why don’t you share what you want to do with your life since we are all being honest and if you don’t know, that is ok, you only 14" He said “Sir what I want to do will be stupid to others.” “Why you say that?” “I don’t know I just think people won’t get it” “Well tell us if you choose because we want to know” He puts his head down and says “I want to have my own Taco Truck” One of his classmates said “For Real! That’s Good! You will have your own business. That’s Good!” He looks up and smiles :) I said “If having a Taco Truck is Your Dream! GO After It because I look forward to those tacos” This kid went from feeling shame to smiling with pride about what he wants to do with his life and I believe if more youth are encouraged to go after their Dreams in a positive environment amongst their peers, it will help build their confidence!