“We can choose to Take Action or Remain In Our Disgust!” Many of us complain about our circumstances in life. We say we are disgusted about our job but won’t fill out a job application. We say we are disgusted about not living our dreams but remain on the couch. We complain, complain, and complain but we refuse to take action. This reminds me when I was in Elementary School. Ms Jones, my fifth grade teacher is walking my classmates and I to the cafeteria for lunch. After getting our trays and sitting down at the long brown table she says “The first students to finish their lunch will be the first in line for recess.” Not to be beaten, I gobble my green beans, pizza, and chocolate cake. Ms Jones sees I’m finish so she says “Gene, throw away your trash and go stand by the doors leading to the playground. 10 minutes later, everyone is done so Ms Jones signal us to go outside. We all run in the same direction towards the Merry-Go-Round. I’m the first to jump on and 9 of my other classmates. The slow pokes finally get here so I say “Come on slow pokes. Push!” I can tell by the look their faces they are upset. They start pushing us slowly, and as I continue to tease them, they push us faster and faster! Most of my classmates jump off. They go faster and faster and the remainder jump off except me. Now it’s just me with 10 of my classmates pushing me round and round so fast my world is blurry. I yell out of fear “YOU ALL NEED TO STOP! I’M FEELING SICK ON THIS MERRY-GO-ROUND!” They go faster, faster, faster, and faster and then all of a sudden it happen. I throw up and I can see my chewed up green beans, pizza, and chocolate cake hit my shoes and at that point I decide to Take Action by jumping off the Merry-Go-Round instead of remaining in the Disgust of my own vomit! The truth is, I could have jumped off that Merry-Go-Round anytime I wanted to, but instead, I kept complaining over and over again about how sick I was like we all do when we are in situations we don’t like. I was choosing to stay on a Merry-Go-Round of Excuses, “Are you?” We all have a choice to make, either “We can choose to Take Action or Remain In Our Disgust!” Gene Mosley