Big and Easy Tomato-Cucumber Lunches For Weight Loss, Health and Appetite Control.

These are the types of food I tend to eat everyday and mostly as lunch. All the pics are mine. So, this is what my plate looks like. It’s an absolutely filling plate of food that doesn’t run through you stomach.

I got this idea from watching a thin and exceptionally healthy Israeli Special Forces guy as a Banana picker on a Kibbutz. He was so healthy and had zero body fat. He used to chop up cucumbers and tomatoes every morning and ate it with Hummus and pita. I adapted it with awesome results.

The idea is to always have the chopped tomato and cucumber as base. Now, you play around with the protein (see pics).. This is an awesome way to get you weight down and be healthy, it gives you a full feeling very quickly so do give it a shot.

You need.

English Cucumber.


Boiled eggs.

Brown cooked lentils (I get mine straight from the can).

Feta cheese (I don’t eat any low fat food).

Cheddar cheese.

Raw washed carrots.

Chickpeas (can)

Four Bean Mix (can)

Extra Virgin Olive oil (just sparingly drizzle over everything).



Baba Ghanouj.

Provita or Finn Crisp.

Olives (any type, stuffed or not).

Shredded chicken breast.

Tuna (can).

Ps. I lick the plate clean after every meal LOL, why? Well because the run-off juices and Olive oil is exceptionally good for you and besides, it just tastes great too.

--Bon Appétit!

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