Constellation Audio / Ayre Audiophile System Setup.

-Refined. Audiophile.

Constellation Audio Hercules II / Monoblock Power Amplifier-

Constellation Audio Altair II / Line Stage-

Ayre P-5XE Phono Preamplifier-

Ayre Digital Hub QX5 Twenty-

Acoustic Solid Wood Referenz Turntable-

Ortofon SPU A95 Cartridge-

Siltech Cables Triple Crown Speaker Cables and Interconnects-

Canton Reference 1 K Speaker System-

Recommended- Any of the very lovely Canton Reference K Speakers are recommended for this setup.

Exquisite! → MBL 101 X-treme Speaker System-

Kharma Exquisite Extreme Grand Limited Speaker System-

Paradigm Persona 9H Speaker System-

Magico Q5 Speaker System-

Magico Q7MkII Speaker System-

Canton Reference 7 K speaker System-

EgglestonWorks The Andra III Speaker System-

Beyond awesome! -> EgglestonWorks The Ivy Signature Speaker System-

Wunderbar! →Vienna Acoustics Klimt Speaker System-

Personal favorite →Vienna Acoustics Beethoven Concert Grand -

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