Line Magnetic Audio 518ia System Setup Concept.

-A bespoke system setup that should do you proud.

Line Magnetic Audio 518ia Intergrated Amplifier-

Shuguang Natural Sound 845-T tubes-

Benchmark DAC 3L-

Pear Audio Blue Reference Phono Preamplifier-

VPI Avenger Reference Turntable-

Jasmin Audio Tiger Cartridge (or Turtle)-

Analysis Plus Interconnects and Speaker Cables-

ADAM Audio Classic Pencil MK3 Speaker System-

Recommended — ADAM Audio MK3 range should not be missed here so do investigate the range on offer.

Line Magnetic Audio 515CD-

Dynavector P75 MK III phono preamplifier-

Carotone Augustolo Phono Preamplifier (also of interest might be the DAC?)-

Cambridge Audio Phono Stage CP2-

Cambridge Audio Azure 851-d DAC-

Pear Audio Kid Punch Turntable-

Linn Klimax Turntable-

Linn Ekos SE Tonearm-

Abis SA-1 Tonearm-

Linn Kandid Cartridge-

Cocaine S-80 Speaker System-

Goldenear Triton Two+ Tower Speaker System- series

Klipsch Reference R-28f Speaker System-

Joseph Audio Pulsar-

Vienna Acoustics Beethoven Baby Grand Symphony Edition-

Dali Rubicon 6-