Late Night Commute Story #01

Your Nose Is Perfect.

side note: true story.

So, today, Wednesday, February 11th 2015. Finally I went to work after 2 days “work from home” because of Jakarta’s flood situation that got me trapped.

It’s raining, still, but I kept on going because frankly, I miss office. The work is the little thing, but meeting people that made me glad I’m alive (good companies), that too.

I stayed at office until 9.49 PM (according to the fingerprintID machine) — And I took the Transjakarta to go home. (Transjakarta is the name of the bus services in Jakarta, Indonesia, in case you’re wondering haha). I am lucky enough I got the semi- empty bus. I sat on the middle seat, the kind of seating that had poles in front of it.

Several stations passed, until at Semanggi Station, A guy came in and he stood across me. The bus was already packed, no free seat. I was listening to song with in-ear earphone so every noise was isolated.. but I felt weird. I looked around and I saw him.

He probably 5.10", his skin is so clear. And his hair.. a perfect sleek hair, the kind of this hair but instead of oily/ sleek/ too much pomade, his looked so natural. Clean shaved. So neat. Tucked muscle fit shirt, sling leather bag. Slanted eyes, so very crystal clear with furry thick eyebrow. His nose.. was a perfect triangular nose. Perfect acute degree.

That right there, my heart paused a little.

Damn, I shout, internally,

It’s rare seeing attractive man in Transjakarta, especially after 9 pm commute.

I stole glances, oh yeah, I did that. Several times.

And I could feel from his side eye that He was aware. And after passing two station, there’s an empty seat and he sat there. Literally 2 seat away from me. Here’s the picture;

My heart was beating abnormal beat. I don’t know was it because I’m lack of caffeine today, or because I was listening to Magic Man — It All Starts Here..

All I know is I quickly opened Adobe Ideas app on my phone, and sketch down this:

This is an actual screenshot from my phone, 9.59 PM.

“Your nose is perfect.”

I wrote that down.

And without thinking twice, I handed my phone with that image to his face.

By instinct, he instantly looked at the screen. I can see his lips murmuring reading the text,

the exact next second he gasped and looked at me. Twice, to make sure.

Dead in the eye.

His face was like, total shock. And me? I’m much more even shocked.


I screamed. Internally.

I quickly pulled my phone back to my reach and turn my head the other way. Thank God my earphone still stick in so I can pretend I don’t hear anything, thought I was sure he said nothing because he’s still.. stoned. My heart beat so fast I can hear it through my ear, somewhat my ear felt like it pumped too.

I cursed myself because, not only awkward, but it was unnecessary creepy.

In a blink of an eye, I just commit a stupid act.

I’m pretty sure I freaked that guy out. Maybe he assumed I’m a criminal, a hypnotist on loose, or a pickpocket tried to distract. If I can turn back time, I was pretty sure I stop this stupid silly urge.

I didn’t brave enough to turn my head. I kept turning my head to the left, avoiding maybe he’s scared. I regret that.

After one station passed, finally the bus stopped at my station, I get off the bus. And guess what?

He got off on the same station with me.

Damn. He walked quite fast, I couldn’t run passed him. So I just walk slowly behind him, hoping he wouldn’t turn his back.

Oh dear God I hope he wouldn’t look back, I don’t want he thinks that I’m following him. Damn it.

To get home, I usually take a mini crossing bridge, circular route, and walk pass Central Park Mall, city walk, valet parking lot, pedestrian walk, and then into the Apartment Complex.

Guess what? This guy, this freaking guy still walk in front of me, walking the same route I walk on every single day.

Holy. Space. Balls.

I started to hyperventilate. I still walk really slow behind him, and he looked like slowing down too. Until at some point, he walked too slow. So I duck my head, and I walked passed him.

Several meter ahead, I looked back.

Guess what again? He saw me. He look at me dead in the eye, the same way he did when I was handing my phone to him; and he stopped. He hold his phone and startled. It was happening for 2 seconds, I’m sure.

Oh for corgi sake. I started to run. Like, literally walk fast and then run. I ran until I’m safe enough, hiding in big pillars in front of the mall’s front valet parking lot.

I can not looking back. I don’t want to. What if this guy live in the same apartment complex with me? What are the odds, if one day we’ll stumble again, and he’ll forever remember me as a creepy girl handling complimentary weird shit to people?

I wanted to cry so bad.

I.. Was I drunk this whole day? Why do I tend to do stupid unexpected stuff when I encounter people? Just.. I.. Can’t.. Even.

“Your nose is perfect,” My phone still stuck on Adobe Ideas app screen.

Your nose is perfect.

I exhaled.

I took my earphone off. I put my phone back in the pocket. And I facepalm-ed myself hard.

Dear God, I wish that guy will never remember me. And I wish I will never do stupid thing like that, again.

February 11th, 2015. 11.44 PM.

~ C.

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