Short Journal #12 — I’ve been thinking about all of those lately.

Maybe you are the greatest dancer in the world right now and you have no idea because you’re not on the spotlight and no one validates that.

Maybe you’re the number 1 of 30 under 30 but because no magazine features you, you spend the day thinking what’s the point.

Maybe you are the greatest chef in the universe and you don’t believe that because if you are that great why no exposure/ coverage for you.

Maybe the sculpture you made is the wonder of the world and you think otherwise because a black square make it to legend status on museum.

Maybe you sing so perfectly in an isolated room, and you got crushed over cricket opera behind a megaphone aiming to the world to hear.

Maybe you can create greatest explosion in a remote island and no one heard you, you lose over tiny firecracker in the most crowded park.

Short Journal is a series of shortly elaborated thoughts, opinion, homage, anything; from real live events — turned into a medium post. Will update periodically, and mostly about personal experience with the people around me, online or offline.
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