Unsent Letter #09

There’s once an article I read that stay in my head for a long time; written by Leslie Baehr from Business Insider back at 2014 [source here]. It’s about how to spot a fake smile or real smile.

Here’s the part I cited, without alteration:

When is a smile really a smile? Here is a test: which of these emoticons best displays a genuine happy smile? Is it :) or ^_^ ?

The latter ( ^_^ ) which is more common in Japan, actually best mimics a genuine smile. That’s because a genuine smile has nothing to do with your mouth. It has to do with your eyes.

Ever since that, when I genuinely smile while I text a person, I always wrote ^_^ (but sometimes it gets automatically rendered into another smiling emojis, ahh!)

And that’s quite interesting. I like to stare at someone’s eye when they’re smiling even though I know genuine smile is one of the main weakness of mine. It’s just.. there’s something about those eyes went curved.

And that’s the best part. Sometimes it’s a warm embrace you get to witness even if on that moment you’re just a bystander. Other times it’s the unearthly beautiful colour in their eye you don’t get to see everyday. Sometimes it’s a void pitch darkness you can see your reflection but yet, it felt alright.

I don’t know if this make sense but this ^_^ is so you. And I sort of reminiscing you, but in a platonic, plain way, not romantically. It had been gloom in the past days, I know we should always bring our own sunshine but I forgot to bring mine today. And you kind looked like a sun, the kind of sun that made me go ^_^

But then again, never mind. I aware we’re somewhat never talk again at this point. And it’s almost sunset anyway, so, I’m good.


I’ve fair share of times reminiscing you, that’s all.

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