When did the LGBTQ community become so weak, so fragile?

I thought Brokeback Mountain straightened that all out?

The Donald is an urban cowboy.

Gays used to ride hogs, idolize John Wayne, and they’re still the strongest guys in the gym.

So, now, all of the sudden, why is our community so outraged by a tough, handsome, brazen, urban cowboy?

In the ‘70’s and ‘80’s he would have been our hero.

The pendulum has swung too far left, where the only thing we won’t tolerate is intolerance.

Gays were never meant to be sterile. We have our own values, pride, images, principles, and we know right from wrong.

We want the right people to have guns to prevent subway explosions. We want to walk beautifully with our latte’s, look fierce, earn our keep, and preserve greatness through opportunity, not radical openmindedness to the point of destruction.

#GaysForTrump unite, help this man deliver on his promise to make America great again, while we make being gay great again.

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