Autumn 2016 ripped my heart out like a ravenous Dracula. November 9th in particular.

BTW - I promise this story has a happy ending. Supernatural advantages aside, a pale old white dude that can be undone with aioli, ain’t that powerful.

Reality seemed to be bending. The world in which a self professed ‘pussy grabber’ would never rise to the highest office, was gone. It didn’t even call to say goodbye. It didn’t even leave a Dear John letter. Just straight up ghosted us. …

Photo by Monica Semergiu

March has been crazy.

One unbelievable surprise after another, to the point where I’m now half expecting a Lisa Frank style unicorn to show up at my front door to deliver the world’s most perfect pineapple upside down cake, and a basket of puppies.

Let’s rewind for a quick minute though. Warning: it gets a little dark, but I promise to bring you back.

Just over a couple years ago, my father begged and pleaded with me to take some time off. One full month was his suggestion. He wanted me to stop to think about what direction I wanted…

Designer, Illustrator, Synesthete

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