Autumn 2016 ripped my heart out like a ravenous Dracula. November 9th in particular.

BTW - I promise this story has a happy ending. Supernatural advantages aside, a pale old white dude that can be undone with aioli, ain’t that powerful.

Back to Autumn 2016…

Reality seemed to be bending. …

Photo by Monica Semergiu

March has been crazy.

One unbelievable surprise after another, to the point where I’m now half expecting a Lisa Frank style unicorn to show up at my front door to deliver the world’s most perfect pineapple upside down cake, and a basket of puppies.

Let’s rewind for a quick minute though. Warning: it gets a little dark, but I promise to bring you back.

Just over a couple years ago, my father begged and pleaded with me to take some time off. One full month was his suggestion. …



Designer, Illustrator, Synesthete

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