“Finland will become the first country in the world to get rid of all school subjects” (Brightside.me via @LinkedIn)

I don´t think we have to follow every new method coming from Finland. Everything should be considered and discussed, that´s right, but I dislike “the unique method or unique thought” which will save the world of failure in education.

Every country has its own idiosincrasy.

It seems as if every teacher becomes devoted to the Finnish way of learning. A teacher in the south of England, Mr. Neill talked about a school with no subjects, no examinations and free children. That school is still working in Summerhill. However, this does not mean that every child, every teacher has to follow this idea as well as in some places this idea might be the only way to teach.

I must confess I love the idea of Summerhill. I would like to experience it. However, I feel instruction, discipline and experience play an important role in education. I have been taught this way. I am not a failure. What´s more, I was taught by teachers and parents to accept failure whenever it came.

I also believe in creativity, independent students, freedom. I would like to live in schools where strategies and methodologies were a consequence of encyclopedic knowledge.

Eugenio Fouz.-