“Ten signs you shouldn´t be using Twitter” ( Cynthia Johnson)

*Excerpt from the article published in “The Huffington Post

“Here are a few signs that Twitter is not for you or your business:

1/You rarely tweet. Don’t have a social media account if you are not going to use it. Your audience may actually discover you and then wonder why you are not providing any information on your Twitter feed. Their conclusion may be that you are a non-functioning business or you are just not interested in engaging with them. If you can’t find someone to assist you with social media content development and tweet at least once a day, then Twitter is not for you.

2/You’re in an industry where your audience doesn’t follow or care about Twitter. Depending on the industry you’re in, some business segments have audiences that don’t even use Twitter. They may use another social media platform or prefer traditional media. It is up to you to understand where they are and how they want to receive information. If you’re part of that rare industry that is not on Twitter, then you’re wasting your time by using it.

3/You don’t deliver relevant content for your audience. Your focus needs to be on helping your audience by giving them content that’s digestible and “tastes good” so they come back for more. It should be related to what you do and offer relevant information so they can make the connection that you’re the expert and that they should buy from your company. It’s good to include industry news that also shows you’re up to date with industry trends. If you can’t do that, then don’t use Twitter.

4/You never respond to comments posted on your Twitter page. Twitter is an engagement tool. If you don’t respond to comments, your audience will go elsewhere to seek out a conversation — most likely with your competition. It’s better not to have a presence than be on Twitter and communicate information to your audience but ignore them.

5/You don’t collect or analyze data about your audience. Twitter provides a wealth of data about your audience, including what tweets get the most attention, who they are, and who else they are following. If you are not using this market intelligence, you shouldn’t even be on Twitter. It’s a wasted opportunity and you are better suited for traditional media.”