Is Hair Transplant Surgery Good For Women?

Hair transplant is the ideal solution for many individuals to get rid of their hair loss problem. It has changed lives of many people, men as well as women, hence, making them looks younger again. People’s personal lives suffer due to excessive hair loss. It is completely natural and safe process. Women are very worried about hair fall problem. They want to undergo a hair loss treatment, but have doubt in their mind about hair transplant surgery. Is hair transplant surgery good for women? It all depends if you are a good candidate for the surgery. If you are a candidate for hair transplant surgery, then you will definitely get result. Eugenix, a speciality centre which is well known for hair loss solution in Delhi, will let you know if hair transplant is good for women or not?

Many women can get back their natural looking hairs with hair transplant surgery, while some women may not be eligible for this procedure. Women also experience thinning across the entire scalp, like men usually do. And, in such case hair transplant is not suitable for them. You must opt for some another solution. To know if hair transplant is good for you or not, you need to know if you are a candidate for the surgery or not?

Women who are good candidate for the surgery are as follow:

1. Women who have a distinct pattern of baldness such as vertex thinning, hairline recession, and a donor area that is not affected by alopecia.

2. Women who suffer hair loss due to suffering like burn victims, scarring from accidents, or chemical burns.

3. Women who have sufficient donor sites.

4. Women who have hair loss due to damage from constant tension (too tight hair styles) over a long period of time.

Hence, these were some points you need to take a look to know if you are good candidate for surgery or not. And, if you are, then hair transplant is good for you and you will definitely see the results. Rest you need to consult a trichologist, if you are planning to undergo a hair transplant surgery.

Eugenix have one of the Best trichologist in India, who can give you good advice by examining your situation, whether you need a surgery or medication. You can contact them to schedule a appointment.

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