Recognizing Hormone Related Causes Of Hair Loss in Women

Women love their hairs and it is that part of your personality that makes you have a more impactful presence anywhere. You all tend to play with your hairs and go for different designs to enhance your looks. But when you tend to lose your hairs, it has a very bad impact on your personality and there are many reasons that contribute to the hair loss problem. In such cases, the best option for you is to investigate the root cause and go for the hair loss solution in India. One of the main causes of the hair loss is hormonal imbalance in the body such as deficiency or excess of any hormone in your body.

Here are some details about the various hormone related causes of hair fall in women:

Androgenetic Alopecia:

This problem is caused because of the presence of male hormone androgen in the female body. Although these hormones are present in very small amounts but they have an impact on your hairs and results in thinning of hairs around the scalp area.

The major reasons behind the excess of this hormone are menopause, birth control pills or even pregnancy which results in the hair loss.

Telogen Effluvium:

This process occurs when your body goes through quite stressful events such as pregnancy, some kind of severe injury, malnutrition problem amongst others. Just after a few weeks of this stress turn of the events, you tend to have loads of hair loss which makes you look bald just in a very short period of time.

The best and the only way to avoid this problem is by controlling very severe and stressful events and taking care of your body in the best manner.

Alopecia Areata:

This is the most severe problem as your own immune system tends to attack on the hair follicles that cause inflammation in the hairs. In some cases, you tend to lose your hairs very quickly but the good thing is that in most of the cases, the hairs are recovered within two years. In case, the automatic recovery is not done, hair transplant in India is always a sound option that you might opt for.

Traction Alopecia:

This is another very serious condition and the major reason behind this is the different styles that you get to try that pull the hairs from the scalps. In order to curb this problem, it must be detected at an early stage or else surgical treatment is the only option that you are left with. Braiding, tight ponytails and using unnecessary accessories on your hairs are the main factors that contribute to this problem.

In addition to these problems, there are several other factors as well that contribute to the problem of hair loss. This is why it is advisable for you to visit the hair clinics frequently to make sure that the problem is detected at an early stage. It will help in getting over the problem via medication only and the surgeries can be easily avoided.

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