iOS: getting common things done by copying them

Copy-pasting is not that bad if done with a bit of creativity and common sense. This is the list of things I found useful not to invent but rather search-copy-modify-paste-release.

Usage descriptions

If your app requires permissions to Photo Library, Camera, Location, etc.., starting from iOS 10, it must provide the “usage description”. Users have to be informed, why the permissions are required.

Check out the requiesting permissions flow in apps like Instagram, Swarm or other big titles.

Feature description

Imagine, your app has some feature other competitors have too. Anyway, you think it would be good to explain users what it is all about.

Search what press tells about this other apps’ feature. The feature descriptions made by press are usually understandable and still look professional.

What’s New (App Store)

Well, you are ready to submit a new version of your app. This requires to put some description about the update.

Look through several updates siting in the App Store app. Write down phrases you like. Having this helps to create your own description.

I am especialy astonished by how Slack does their release notes. You actually want to know what’s new!

Just check this out!


Ever wonder, how to make the landing page of the project’s repository shine? I saw several awesome pages around before, and so mine was designed as a hybrid collection of everything I had liked.

As a quick start, you could look through some examples of Open-Source iOS Apps.


There are applications and companies behind that apps who have a lot more money, human resources and time to invest into these things, then you do on your own. Almost always we can be sure that common things they do are well refined, tested and passed though by App Store team. Of course, if you see the pattern you can apply your creativity here too!