They diverged sharply in fortunes, in sophistication, in prosperity, in their ability to provide genuinely good lives for people. People in Europe, after all, aren’t crowdfunding insulin. Why is that?
What Americans Don’t Know They Just Lost
umair haque

Umair, I am one of those quislings that you love to write about, showing all of the contempt that you can bring forth from your empty soul. When I first started reading your articles about life, love and humanity I thought I had found an Ivy Leaguer with some sense. Oh, but as I knew you was educated as an economist at McGill University I also knew you had a sick- dark side to you. See, I too, deal with that demon called depression. But that does mean that you let let it take control of your self control and judgment. I discovered the relentless dark side of you in your rants about America and how it should be, I realized that from your perch in the jolly old U.K. your world view is to the extreme left. You rehash your articles over and over. You are an unapologetic racist, masquerading as a deep thinker. Yes America has problems just like your homeland and the rest of the world. But the problems of the world will be changed in the not to distant future. You of all people should see this. History keeps repeating itself. You’re smart. Look good at the “World” and tell the masses what to expect. Not Utopian is it. It’ll be OK. Just take some more meds and go to sleep. You, my man, practice what most enlightened people do. Intellectual masturbation. No disrespect for masturbation intended.