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For several years now, I’ve kept tabs on the customer experience (CX) job market. For clarity, by CX, I mean those roles primarily focused on understanding and improving the end-to-end customer experience, from first need and awareness through purchase, use, and — when we do our jobs well — renewal and advocacy. I haven’t done this in a scientific way; I don’t track the number of openings over time, types of positions, geographic regions where those roles are located, etc.. But I do scan for CX roles on a fairly regular basis. I check LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and the CXPA’s own…

I went to log onto AT&T’s website today, and I was greeted with a warning from my password manager (the incomparable 1Password by AgileBits). It cautioned me that I’d be submitting my password using an unsecured HTTP page.

1Password looking out for my security online

Wait. What? Was that right?

I took a look, and, sure enough, no lock icon was present in the address bar. That means that someone on the same network as me could intercept my data. Whoa! Not good!

Now, this situation is probably something that most AT&T customers will never notice, but that…

When we choose to contact a customer service or support department, it’s most frequently due to some circumstance that prevents us from achieving an expected result with a product or service we’ve purchased. It could be a part discovered missing during product assembly, a fatal bug in an app, poorly translated documentation, or even the need to communicate a change of mailing address stymied by an impossible-to-navigate website. Often, the root causes for such failures are within the product or service provider’s control. …

Earlier this year, a relative close to me passed away. The death of a family member is never easy — even when you know it’s coming. Perhaps one can be prepared, but never really ready. I don’t know.

Handling the details of the estate allowed me to acquire and interact with products and services with which I’d not had previous experience, and in some cases, from competing companies in the same industry. For example, I had the same type of investment accounts to manage at Charles Schwab, Vanguard, and Sound…

Over the weekend, I visited a locally-owned shoe store to pick up some new sneakers. As much as I love shopping with Amazon and Zappos, I also believe strongly in supporting local merchants.

When it comes to creating a positive customer experience, one could argue that businesses designing for in-person touch points enjoy an advantage over those with only virtual storefronts. …

Eric Ullman

Customer and employee experience fanatic; paleo/primal/ancestral diet explorer; avid mirrorless photographer; old-school tabletop RPGer.

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