Today was a day of cooking firsts: I baked brussel sprouts and meal prepped for the week. Then I made my first pancake (didn’t realize how easy it was???)

Having the three day weekend was definitely necessary — spent A LOT of time with ACG folks. They are really quirky individuals — I love ’em. Spent President’s Day at Panera, catching up on work. I felt extremely relaxed. I technically had a four day weekend since I didn’t go to my discussion on Friday (lol) but spent time catching up with Soo after taking her to her check-up and getting lunch at Oakland (yum) and then scrambling to finish up our 102b assignment due Fridays at 4pm which we always lag on lol

Celebrated Matt’s 22nd birthday today. It’s funny because last year he spent it doing laundry at my place and it was his first time meeting Tammy. And now he just walks into my apartment like he owns the place. Funny how quickly passes.

This weekend was a productive weekend.

Tomorrow’s my first day of work! I hope I don’t hate it.

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