Graduating/postgrad life has been teaching me to accept ambiguity and uncertainty despite how scary it is for a planner like me.

On Friday night my grandma passed away after battling with Stage 4 cancer which I only found out about recently. These pictures were taken a month ago when my parents and my brother drove up to visit her. I am so glad that I went and spent time with her before she passed away.

My parents flew up this weekend to visit her but unfortunately was faced with the news of her passing just a day prior. I often find myself feeling that I often react to tragic news in abnormal ways. I just felt shock and a feeling of surrealness to all there is. Today, I drove down to San Jose to visit my family and that’s when I just felt so strange. The only reaction I had was to scream. I still don’t know how to process very well and I understand that there isn’t a single “correct” way to react to things but I just feel strange.

But this also teaches me the idea of prioritization. Because of this sudden news, in a matter of hours, my plans for the entire week had changed immediately. Life is short.

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