i feel like when people pass away, we wonder the “what if’s” and “i wish’s”

currently wishing all those summers when my grandma took care of us, i spent more time with her

she really was the most selfless person i’ve ever met

it was to the point where it was frustrating because she always put others before herself and never wanted to inconvenience us even for the smallest of things

i remember whenever she’d visit, my mom and her would always go to beach spa (korean jimjilbbang) and have mother and daughter time

i feel like when you’re younger, you’re incapable of understanding how families work …. like i always saw my grandma as my grandma but not as my mom’s mother… and when my grandma passed away this week, all i could think of is how i would feel if i lost my mother.

always learning how people cope in different ways — some are more expressive than others, others cope silently, and people like me don’t really know how to cope at all…

it is such a strange time to be in

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