It’s 2am and I have to wake up at in less than five hours but I’m feeling so sappy and sentimental

I went in not expecting much (actually didn’t even know Monica til I moved in — she could’ve been a psychopath for all I knew) but I ended up with so much more 😭

They have loved, nurtured, and cared for me and tended to all my neediness I was surprised I had in me as I pride myself as an independent person. We each have such individual quirks around the apartment that I’m going to miss seeing from Tammy’s healthy breakfast/meals to Justine’s Bluetooth speakers always going: “connected to… Justine Jeon’s iPhone” to Monica never being home… wut… jk ily. We always joke about how we used to be so polite with each other but we went from 0–100 real fast. I always thought I’d have to compromise friends or having housemates. I always thought I was the type to be out and about because I didn’t want to be home. Now these people are my only friends and I love it!!! Idk if they love it as much as I do but I’m going to be extra clingy these last few weeks to make saying goodbye that much easier.

Here’s to the people that always kept me grounded but still let me reach past the stars!! Those who deserve me at my best because they’ve accepted me at my worst like my random naps during the day to me leaving my socks and bra everywhere. (Insert other cheesy lines here because they are all so true!!!)

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