How to avoid a homework nightmare

There are two main modes when it comes to our weekend homework at The Iron Yard (TIY), normal and hard. There is a third mode called nightmare; the degree of its difficulty is implied in the name.

Our midweek layout assignment was not as difficult as I had expected. I think The instructor was easing us into the subject of layouts. On top of that, this was our first week of twelve.

When we received our weekend homework, I thought I go for the hard mode and work myself back to the normal mode. Ambitious? Yes.

About two hours into the assignment, my mind was yelling, “abort, ABORT!” However, my classmate and I were the only two people taking the hard route and I didn’t want to leave her hanging. I did suggest we switch to normal, but she was insistent that we continue the path we started.

Luckily all my other classmates completed the normal mode within 15 hours or so. Therefore, I aborted the hard mode and am working on the normal mode. I will go back to the hard mode once I complete this hopefully by later tonight.

By working on both, I managed to end up on the nightmare path.

From my limited week one experience, my suggestion to any new TIY student is to complete the normal mode, then tackle the hard mode. Or else you’ll be nightmaring throughout the weekend.

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