New Journey into a Sea of Bits, an Ocean of them.

July 18, 2016
About a month ago, I felt a heaviness on my heart hearing some disappointing news from family back in Korea. I did what I often do when I become defeated in life, I listened to a prophetic word I received from Daystar, a prophetic ministry in Atlanta. The word I revisited that day was one from May 16, 2015. The person giving the word immediately mentioned that she saw 0101010101. Never clicked that this related to programming until this day. She also mentioned the desire I had of God’s kingdom here on earth, which was also the bible verse I was meditating on that day: Luke 13:18–19.

Same night, I read a quote from Daniel Kolenda that stated “sow into another person’s vision if you want yours to be realized.” That night I contributed to Erika and Harrison’s road trip across America. I was believing for this concept of sowing and reaping to be realized in my life.

During prayer this very night, I received revelation that I must learn code.

August 28, 2016
Long story short, here I am, writing my first blog about my journey into the sea of bits. I’m very excited and ready to start this new venture!

(The header is a quote from “Eloquent Javascrip” by Marijin Haerbeke)