Team Aurora

In life, you meet different people who impact your differently. Some make you better, while others challenge you, and even be the bridge you needed to cross a certain river. Sometimes we tend to take for granted this kind of people in our lives and fail to appreciate them for the ideas and time we share together. This is common because most people can relate that there is someone you could meet in life, they impact your life and you never get to tell them. Andela Bootcamp has given me the chance today to appreciate the diversity of people around me as I dive into my relationship building with them, to get to know what interesting attributes they have.

I have worked with a team of proactive Auroras-name of my team. My team has made me appreciate good relations because, since day one when we held hangouts call as a group, I appreciated how kind and resourceful my teammates are -six of them. They have skills of communication since they know personal and professional boundaries when interacting in our group channel as well as the Bootcamp-nbo channel. As slack-bot of slack puts it, they know that our team channel is sacred and hence they express genuine interest in the kindest way possible. However, that does not mean that they are not fun to hang around with, no. They are actually so warm during group chats and direct messages when we engage.

Well, Yesterday afternoon we had a lengthy hangouts call which was of great help. We proactively interacted with our LFA who was so kind to help us with any blockers we had. I must admit that she is articulate when she speaks, and smart when she works. I particularly had a blocker and the support I got from her was great. She is also warm and cheerful and when she means business she means business! She is none other than — pose, like how MC’s in a meeting announce winners — the one and only Tina, Murimi!