Lest you got lost, the title is in Chinese, and it means Chinese language. Well, I am seated on a highly raised ground in my backyard and it’s a cool afternoon. It is meeting time. Not with a group of people, no, not all. It is a meeting of me, myself and I. You know when you listen to some inspiring stories of people like Edwin Dande of Cytonn Investment, and how they have made it in the corporate industry, with a startup, barely five years old, and you wonder, “Where am I headed?” Like what is life, you have a classmate you used to beat(grade-wise) in class who is not only travelling abroad for leisure, but also has a posh car, the rare models of course, and some commercial plot in Ruai, while all you can afford is a 3 meters by 5 meters bedsitter in Githurai and 100 shillings worth of transport to that big office in Westy. Lest you forget, while you were in campus, this guy used to skive class while you would faithfully attend a 3-hour boring lecture and be keen to take notes from that vintage dressed professor.

But there is hope, I tell my “I” friend in my meeting. there is hope for a tree that has been cut shot. Yes, it shoots again and this, time, with better and stronger branches. It is said that you own your own ground and that destiny doesn’t come knocking at your door, no darling, you have to get out and look for it. Having heard and understood that, we decide, that for “me” to succeed, “myself and I” have to look for a way to add value to my life. I take a notebook and jot down my to do list. Then this yellow weaver-bird, shits on my notebook. “We”decided that that is part of the obstacles one comes across when headed to destiny, which we should not pay attention to. Back to meeting. On top of my list is learning a foreign language. So “we” decide, “we” want to be different and wont do french like every Tom Dick and Harry, nah darling! Lets do Chinese.

The Great wall of China.

Well, I learnt from my project development class that procrastination is the thief of time so I get back to my room, grab my laptop, wear my favorite lip gloss, don’t get shocked, that’s how I motivate myself, yes, by wearing lip-gloss, sounds weird right?But that’s me. So yeah!I start my Chinese class. To be honest, I never thought it would be that hard bearing in mind that some letters in their alphabet, I can’t trace on my laptop keyboard. I had to confirm the origin of my laptop since it could probably be the first item in my house that was not made in China. It is time to learn my first hundred words for the day and man, it is not a bed of roses. The most interesting thing about it though, is in their pronunciation. It sounds rhythmic and is quite unique. That is the beauty of this world, the diversity we have.

I must say that by the end of my class, I could only remember “miao”, name for a second(the sixty seconds that make a minute, is what I mean) in Chinese since it is the one I could relate to the cat. Nonetheless, this experience taught me that grit and persistence is essential in every single task I put myself into, and that it may seem hard at the beginning, but gets possible with time. Moreover, it gets better when you dive into it, just like the water in a pool, you get better and more fulfilled, when you get your hands on something and be a master of it. Because life is all about becoming better than you were yesterday. Well, my Chinese classes are on hold for now, but are in my bucket list. I would challenge you too to learn something new and make yourself a better person.

谢谢Xièxiè, that’s a Chinese word for Thank you.

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