How Technology Affects Our lives

How does technology affect our lives?

Technology affects our lives in so many ways it’s either positive or negative. Let’s talk about the negative ways in using technology. The negative effects of modern technology, humans are forgetting their time for their family. For instance, they use gadgets for communication instead of seeing each other in person. With their friends they don’t play physical games anymore, because they choose to use social media instead. On the other side technology has positive sides too. It helps us by communicating with our families and friend when they are in a far place. It also helps us by getting information easily/instantly. It makes our life easier by machines, search engines, and so on.

According to this website, technology also makes us lazy, for instance going to google to search things that you do not know, staying home and texting instead of meeting each other to communicate, instead of going to a restaurant or buying things they take orders online/delivery, and so much more.

In my opinion, now a days people are getting addicted to the use of modern technology. It feels like everything is getting instant. It also affects mother nature, for example using cars instead of using bikes, machines produce green house gasses and more. Can you believe how much damages happens to the world each day. What about the future? The world might not be futuristic as we think it would be if we don’t take care of it properly. The future might be just pollution everywhere. How about the future that we expect? Maybe we are all dependent on technology, we might all be lazy. Always remember to balance using technology because we don’t know what the future might bring and we are doing this for the next generation.

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