Hello lovely people.I feel totally excited for today’s post and I know you would be too.Getting started..Phew..Is it really easy to start something new,hold your dreams by the horns and go for it without any residual doubts or fears?Sometimes while talking to my siblings and friends I hear things like “look,I know what I want to be but I just don’t know where to start from,”and most times I ask myself silently if there really is a starting point marked on the road leading to our dreams;Is there really an appropriate time where we would become magically endowned with the ability to finally go for it?Well the answer is No.There is no right moment or oppourtunity but you have to create the perfect opportunity to pursue your dreams.You have to actually put yourself out there in order to reach your goals and aspirations and that means you have to Start!!!

Now I am a master at putting things off for later,especially when it comes to my dreams.I try to make excuses by saying things like “I don’t have the right opportunities or rather there is not enough time,”or the classic “I am not ready yet.”But the truth is if we continually wait for the perfect moment where we would be ready to actually start,it would never come because “Change doesn’t come or start when you are met with the perfect moment,that’s a BIG EXCUSE;but change begins from within.”You have to go through a mentality shift,quit procastinating;it would never get done if you continue to put it off.In my case it was starting this blog,the idea had come to me before but I just shrugged it off,I told myself that I was not yet in the right state of mind and that I probably won’t get any reads because according to that nagging voice in my head I am an “amateurish writer” with no prior experience whatsoever and while most of that may be true I knew that those excuses would only hold and materialize if I didn’t actually get started….And so I did.Now I don’t know the excuses you tell yourselves,it might even seem to hold more truth than the words of the holy book.The economy may be bad,the doors might be shut in your face because of your race,color or gender;you may have so many disabilities that render you unfit and unable to reach that point that you dare allow yourself to dream of at night,all this might might be the gospel truth but I am here to tell you that there is only one truth you should allow yourself to believe….You can!!!….So get started!!!

“If every man were to settle for the norms considering their disqualifications and limitations,man would never achieve anything;not because he didn’t dare dream of those fulfilments but because he didn’t act on those dreams,he never got started.”

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