The Fire Called Youth

Hello my dear readers,you may have noticed my abscence lately from blogging and publishing posts and No,I was not out sunning it up on a warm and picture perfect island,it was something else,something I needed to work out;something I am still working out and something I am sure would definitely work out.Writing so many “work outs”in a sentence makes me feel extremely guilty about my non-existent fitness life.Anyway,today I would like to address the dilemma of youths,this stage that is usually under-estimated but holds a high influence in building or destroying our future,our dreams,hopes and even our character.What we go through is usually so intense.The internal crisis and the indecision that brings about waywardness and the trend of straying from our paths and our destined road to our dreams is usually so evident in the life of youths.

In my own words,I call this stage a fire.An extremely blazing heat that can either destroy you and your dreams and turn you into ashes or flaky soot;or work the gold in you into the purest form.I absolutely believe that the personal path that leads to you being gold has a more intense fire than the other contradicting paths you may choose to follow.That is why the way to your dreams,the road to success is usually filled with so much discomfort and heartbreak;the fire that would have to work you into becoming gold is not always preety,but for those who endure,those who persistently struggle to keep their heads above water,it would get to a time where you would surely and definately reach your destination and aim.

Now I am definately not saying that after you get out of this delicate youth stage you will rid yourself of every obstacle and there will no longer be fires to endure or destinations to strive for.Some of you might even be saying to yourself right now “so what happens to those people who take the other way around,I am past my youth stage so does that mean that I am merely ash and I can’t have do overs?” I believe that the youth stage is very delicate,that is the point in life were you have enough time to find yourselves without the pressures and constraints of adulthood,so it is easier to focus purely on bettering yourself and taking neccesary risks to fufilling your goals.If you are past the youth stage,be not dismayed.You can still go out there with a youthful mentality and vigor to fight for your dreams and pursue it with all your strength and might.Mindset and mentality will play a very key role in how far you are willing to fight for what you want.Take Colonel Sanders for example the founder of Kentucky fried chicken.He was 65 when he went for what he truly wanted to do,society had already marked him redundant as he had reached the retirement age were it is believed that you are “too old” to work.If he chased his dreams with the mindset of an old man already at death’s doors he would probably have given up on his dreams but he didn’t let his age limit his ability to dream or the effort he put towards actualising it.So my answer is Yes you can.You may no longer be a teen or young adult,you may even be at retirement age but I believe that with the right mentality and adequate faith in yourself you can achieve whatever you set your mind to.You are never too old to dream,you are never too old to find a new dream.

In conclusion,Youth might usually be associated with delinquency and other ills,it might also be plagued on every corner with horrors,obstacles and various other problems youths go through.My advice to youths is to go for your dreams and grow through the Fire and obstacles.Also,for those of my older readers,don’t be discouraged;in the case of your dream,age is just a number.Renew your thinking and arm yourselves with faith and a youthful mentality and you would surely reap the fruits of your efforts even at an old age.Be youthful,Chase your dreams,jump over the hurdles with all the agility your core can muster and you will surely reach your destination.And most importantly,Be Yourselves.

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