Developing physical prototype

  1. Exploring little Bits

When I first encountered Little Bits, I was worried about adapting to new physical tool. But, as I explore and read the instruction, I figured out that it is not that complicated. Before I started actual prototype, I had explored the kit with my partner. And exploring it helped my understanding on utilizing little bits to visualize my idea. The quality of the output could improved if we had more tools or little blocks that we can add on to our final prototype. It was still interesting and intriguing experience to physically visualize my idea with my teammate. I would love to explore more physical prototyping tool that allow me to explore my thoughts.

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2. Confined ideation ?

One of the major problem that I encountered while developing my prototype with my teammate was that lack of choices between little bits block. Since our options on tool was limited, I strongly feel like our ideation on functionality of prototype was confined. If I were to develop a physical prototype again, I want to learn more sophisticated tool that has more options. I believe that it will help understanding of my prototype to the viewers.

3. Ideation skills

As I get to involve into designing physical prototype, I want to learn more about other tools. Moreover, I am interested in finding correlation between limitation of prototyping tool and ideations. For me, visualizing my thought through physical prototype help presentation of my ideas but also enclosed my ideation boundaries. Still, I really enjoyed using little bits since it was my first time to actually build a physical prototype.