The Unicorn: Hybrid Designer + Developer
Katherine Martinez

I came across this article on my search to become a unicorn designer. I am also coming from heavy design background. I graduated in 2015 with bachelor from RISD. After graduation, I worked at a startup in SF (my first internship), software UX designer(contract0 role) at Major corp. then full time job at E commerce company. I got frustrated with not having the capability to translate my design into production-ready code. 
So I actually quit my job, and now I am learning javascript → pretty basic right now,,, kind of struggling with event handlers and so many new terms… I have dabbled into HTML/CSS pretty deep, but I was always scared into learning Javascript.

So my question is I was planning to finish Javascript and learn Ruby on Rail then get myself into Bootcamp for 3months and come out fresh and get a job.

In your experience… did you learn what you discussed about all on your own through tutorials and books?

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