Wikia Video content optimization to article pages

Problems → Goals → Design process→ Results


Low engagement with the previous Video module(VM) resulted in stagnant and a low number of organic views of Wikia premium videos, even though overall video views on Wikia had constantly increased according to steady growth in monthly visitors to Wikia.

Premium video views on Wikia network(left) and the location of the previous video module(right)


Business Goal (BG1) : Raising organic premium views by making users engaged with premium videos.
Business Goal (BG2): Enabling a “contributor” to find premium videos related to their wiki that they can embed in an article page.
User Goal(UG) : I want to discover related videos that I might be interested in after getting information from an article section.

Design process


As the main UX designer of Video team, the first step for this project was to re-evaluate the UI and UX of the previous video module and identify problems with it: Visual design problems, interaction design problems, and content design problems.

The previous video module on article pages
  1. UI Elements: In order to promote and push our premium videos to users, we decided to get rid of an existing feature that allows users to add videos from different websites to the video module.
  2. Label : The previous label of the video module didn’t provide any value to our users due to its ambiguity. In reality, it is very hard for a module in right rail to catch users’ attention because they mainly pay attention to the article section at first to find information as originally planned. “Must watch video” and “Trending video” came up as testing options for the previous label.
  3. Location & Thumbs : There was fierce controversy over the location of the previous video module because, according to internal data we got, “Read more” module (which was the module to display related article pages) had had much higher CTR(4.8%). That was why our team wanted to test which location was the best place for the new video module.
  4. Content : Video team wants to know what videos our users are more interested in among latest, trending, and popular premium videos from verticals(video game, entertainment, and lifestyle) as well as wiki-related premium videos from the Wikia video library.

AB Test plan

AB Test plan

Low-Fi Wireframes

Mockups to show different locations and the different number of thumbnails for video module testing

High-fi wireframes

Visual Design


Our redesigned video module has played a significant role in lifting up 235% of organic premium video views. I could say this project was very successful.

Final design for New video module on article page
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