ZA: Improving pizza ordering

UX Research, UI Design — Mobile

ZA Vending Machine and ZA Pod Designs

01 Background

ZA is an iOS app that uses AI-driven pizza bots to improve pizza ordering & delivery. Similar to Amazon’s fulfillment networks that house, process and deliver packages, our team designed a bot and vending machine that combined + automated the three main steps for delicious ‘za: (1) ordering, (2) cooking and (3) delivering.

How does ZA work?

  1. Through the app, the ZA machine receives an order and cooks the pizza.
  2. The pizza is transferred to the ZA pod for delivery.
  3. Customers can track the pod and confirm delivery through the app.

Team & Roles

I worked on this project with Austin and Kat for our design class. We conducted user interviews and wireframing together. My role was industry research and final UI. Visuals and branding was done by Austin, and Cat worked on the final InVision prototype.

02 Research

To design a solution to improve pizza ordering, we had to find out how people usually order pizza and why.

Here is a summary of our research:

  • More people want to order online or through mobile, which can be costly to implement for mom-and-pop shops (Source)
  • 50% of Domino’s sales comes from repeated orders using saved payment and delivery information (Source)
  • Younger consumers are looking for custom-made pizzas, and want to support businesses that are social-conscious (Source)

Then, through our interviews we narrowed down the motivations behind why people order pizza. We asked questions like:

  • What is your favorite pizza chain and why?
  • Why do you order pizza vs. something else?
  • Tell us about your most recent pizza order — how was your experience?

In summary, users ordered pizza for 3 main reasons: (1) accessibility, (2) price and (3) taste. Combining their pain points, we concluded that there were too many points of contact during a pizza delivery — one person received the order, someone else made the pizza and another delivered & made the transaction.

“I don’t know who to call when someone messes up my order. Do I call the store? The driver? The cashier?”

03 Planning

Combining our research & interviews into a persona, we wanted a technology-driven solution that would consolidate + automate the 3 main steps of pizza deliveries (ordering, cooking, delivering).

We thought of devices that combined these steps, and became inspired by vending machines, which are easy to use, self-automated and provide immediate gratification.

Knowing that pizza vending machines already existed, we wondered how to further automate deliveries, and came up with the idea of a delivery robot.

04 Design

After coming up with our technology solution, our team created a tentacle map for the user flow and wireframes for the app. Below is our final design & UI:

From L to R: Tentacle map, Wireframes v. 1 & 2

We also created contextual images for the pizza bot and defined some of its important parts.

ZA Vending Machine & Pod

Based on the appearance of the ZA pod & machine, we came up with a style guide and the look of the final UI.

Style guides
Final UI

I’m practicing writing out my design process for my portfolio — I would love any feedback! Also, check out my portfolio and some cute graphic designs at

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