leave ?

I’ve been worried if my close ones leave me

i will be guilty

thinking what i have done wrong

remembering those precious memories

it makes me sad

im worried but whats done is done

my friends passed away

after an car accident

they are my bestfriends

i didnt get there on time

i didnt save them

i didnt do anything

but just stand there

shocked and i dont know what to do

i looked at them

they are gone



i ran to them

holding both of their hands

with blood stains on my hands

i look at both of them

while people are calling for help

i cried

i have lost two of my friend

i cant hear them breathe anymore

i hugged them

the tears rolled down my face

they are gone

they are really gone

i still cant believe it

my heart breaks into many pieces

saying bye for the last time

and i cant see them forever

i miss their voices

their laughters

their presence

our memories

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