The bond between a mother and her child can often been compared to the relationship between the soul and the universe, where we, the souls are connected on a subconscious level with our universe that is our mothers. This vital link that we share is what helps us keep steady and gravitated in life. However there are times when this special bond goes awry in which the soul can drift away from the universe which leads to it feeling lost and vulnerable. The enormity of this big blue ball that we call our home can be overwhelming but by rekindling, reconciling and remembering the importance of this relationship, physically, we can gain comfort when we receive a hug from our mothers but this feeling of security goes beyond physical affection. The strand of lonely that the soul once experienced during its lifetime is gone when the universe is here, just like how the tides of the ocean become calm whenever the moon is present. And by acknowledging the universe’s influence and importance on it, the soul can learn to appreciate it and become close with the universe in a supreme and spiritual level, far beyond the capacity of our small minds.

A bond like this is precious; it cannot be replaced since our mothers are the first people we set our eyes upon when we open our eyes at which we must be grateful to our Creator that such relationships exist since they are what provide happiness and peace within.