A Total Lie
Lauren Dillon

A Total Lie seems like an understatement! And now this con artist is allowed to run for President of the United States? You gotta be kidding me. I first learned of this while I was watching world New Tonight a couple of evenings ago and was shocked not so much that he was able to scam these o\people ou of so much money, but shocked that he has not takenn up residence next to whats-his-name who carried off that largest Ponzi scheme in history. What the hell is hos name again? I thought Iwould never forget it. (Srange things happen when a perfectly normal person reaches 61 years old — I have gone stupid) At some strange time in the middle of the night I will most likely sit straight up in bed and shout out his name. Like I said strange things happen. Anyway, lets get back to old Donald. am terrified that there are enough brain dead people in this country to actually elect this lying, self-serving piece of doggie doo-doo. Yes, I said, terrified. And yes, I also believe that our likely other choice, the loveable Hillary is the lesser of two evils. Besides, she is a woman and we all know that the best man for the job-any job, is a woman. Yes, she has her faults. Tons of them, in fact. Personally, I believe that her very first and probably dangerous fault is that she has forgotten old Bernie who is keeping his head down and mostly sticking to the issues, is going to come speeding up behind her like the road-runner flashing past the coyote and grab the nomination for himself and then she is going to look like a first class, grade A ignoramous that the srprise is going to be too much for her. Somebody needs to tell her to quit with The Donald Show every time somebody thrusts a microphone in her face and get busy talking about foreign policy which Mr. Idiot Trump has already proven that he knows nothing bout…put a fence around the country, oh please! I am from New Orleans and know all about the people who should walk around with paper bags over their heads, so I feel like an expert when I say that every person who supports this billionaire foolish idiot needs a paper bag BADLY!! And now I am horribly bored giving one more seconds thought to Donald Fool Trump, so lets move on and se what else can set me off.

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