A New Type of Crowdfunding Platform

Eurekah CTO — Randy Bares — To Be Featured at AI Fintech Forum on July 21 in San Francisco

Over the course of the last few months, Eurekah has been working diligently to build a platform that addresses a lot of the concerns in the traditional crowdfunding model. Current systems are laden with fraud, a lack of accountability, and minimal community engagement, leading to Creators and Backers feeling as if incentives are misaligned. While the antiquated crowdfunding systems currently in place support Creators to raise money, there are no checks or balances to ensure goods are delivered and in fact, many platforms even note that they are not responsible for failed projects or malicious intent by bad actors. This is a huge cause for concern as shady Creators have been able to walk away with huge sums of money by taking advantage of well-intending project supporters.

Eurekah is a different kind of crowdfunding platform, designed for Creators with a focus on reinventing the user experience. Eurekah looks to support a Creator’s dream and provide the tools necessary for success by building a system of checks to encourage platform users to make informed decisions when backing a project. As opposed to just helping Creators get funded, one of the primary goals of Eurekah is to actually see the product delivered to the Backer. Through a built-in reward system on the Eurekah proprietary secondary marketplace, Creators and Backers will be incentivized to participate actively and honestly, limiting the amount of failed and scammy projects.

Eurekah is ramping up its social media and online presence to garner support and following from our intended users. As a way to keep an eye and ear on the ground to further establish product-market fit for the Eurekah platform, our rockstar CTO, Randy Bares, will be featured as a panelist on an AI Fintech Forumin San Francisco this coming Saturday, July 21, to address the current concerns in the marketplace and discuss how Eurekah is making a difference.

Randy began his career as a Software Engineer at Intelleflex developing early versions of what would later be called the ‘Internet of Things’ and utilizing RFID for reliable asset tracking. He then served as Technical Director at PentUp Games for almost three years and at Emerge Digital for two years building RTB systems and scaling an ad tech platform to millions of daily transactions. Randy founded Conjectur/Signal Zero in 2013 and served as the Chief Technical Officer overseeing the technology and scaling the business from 0 to 30 million in annual revenue without raising outside capital. Randy then Co-founded Branch International Inc. in 2015 and was its Chief Technology Officer through March 2018 seeing it through its initial and ongoing international expansion while managing a large team of engineers. His skill set encompasses system architecture, scaling, and security as well as mobile application development and deployment.

Randy is a huge asset to the Eurekah team, and his experience and ability to develop technology that moves the needle in the right direction for solving real-world problems is one of his greatest strengths. Randy is also a phenomenal speaker and his thoughts and insights on how building Eurekah’s blockchain crowdfunding platform will help address major flaws in traditional crowdfunding models is not to be missed!

To track our journey and monitor the progress of Eurekah, feel free to stay connected through our social media platforms.