Learning JavaScript in 2017 sucks and this is awesome!
Lucas Daltro

Javascript is worse for the web surfer than the web developer. I remember when surfing the web was fast, fun, easy, and controlled by the surfer.

Now, the web page wants to control us.

My fastest browser has JavaScript disabled except for a white list. This tells me that JavaScripts are slowing things down.

Most good image websites have been decimated by that “infinite feed”. And forget multiple tabs! That’ll really slow things down.

Perfectly easy menus have been turned into a hodge podge of bells and whistles. Have you been to yahoo.com/tech ? What’s wrong with a column of stories ordered by date? Nothing, but that’s not good enough. It needs to lambaste us with images from all directions. I can ‘t log out of FaceBook unless their animated menu decides to load. I could clear my cookies but I shouldn’t have to.

Some JavaScripts seem to be trying to “predict” what the surfer wants to do. Some websites refresh automatically without the surfer EVER ASKING it to, or it will forward to a page that was NEVER REQUESTED.

JavaScript needs to be scrapped.

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