​EuroIA 2016: What happened on day one?

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Quite the dramatic venue: Amsterdam Renaissance hotel

EuroIA 2016 kicked off yesterday at the Renaissance hotel in Amsterdam; and with over 250 attendees, 4 fully booked workshops, a keynote from Claire Rowland, 6 talks, 5 lighting talks, and a continuous flow of coffee and sugar, it was an unquestionably supreme start to the conference.

If the remaining two days are anything like this, I’m sure we’ll all go home ready to take over the world (after just a little sleep).

The theme of this year’s conference is “Connected things amongst us” and throughout the day we saw various perspectives, and discovered many challenges associated with the Internet of Things (IoT), and designing for a continuously growing landscape of connected devices.


An Introduction to Information Architecture
Donna Spencer

From content analysis to modelling and structure, Donna successfully managed to cover the fundamental pillars of information architecture in just 4 hours!

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Modelling Adaptive Content for Multiple Devices
Noz Urbina

Taking a deep and challenging look at content modelling, and semantic content” Noz explained how this work only really becomes meaningful when it’s done with respect to a well researched customer journey map.

Connected Conversation
Alistair Somerville

Looking at the softer side of the Internet of Things, Alistair’s workshop provided the tools needed to design with respect to the emotions and personalities of products and services in the future.

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Transform: From organisation-Centric to Customer-Centric
Gerry McGovern

Nadia summarised Gerry’s workshop brilliantly in the first of her sketch-notes from EuroIA 2016:

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Claire Rowland on the UX challenges of connected products

Many myths were busted in Claire’s analysis of the differences UX designers face when working on products and services that combine physical and digital requirements.

“We are not quite at the “internet of things.” It’s still more like the “compuserve of things”” — (h/t @sophiavux)

You can read our pre-conference interview with Claire to learn more.

An afternoon of perspectives on the many connected things amongst us

We saw six brilliant full length talks on:

Lands, Hubs and Wienies: Placemaking Lessons From the Magic Kingdom
Jorge Arango

Designing for Connected Health
Reinoud Bosman

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Things we Learned Designing Connected Products
Koen van Niekerk

Making Privacy Useable
Philipp Murkowsky

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Architectural Critique of Connected Utopias
Thomas Wendt

Data is a Designer’s Best Friend
Kathryn Parkes

Lightning talks

Wrapping up the presentations for the day, 6 brave speakers stepped up to deliver 8 minute lightening talks.

Featuring Hugo Labonde & Jules Leclerc, Adrian Iacomi, Sebastian Hoos, Clementina Gentile, and Joy Mwihia.

A lot of chatting, mingling and an unconference

The final event of the day was the evening unconference where lots of curious ideas were shared, and further more curious solutions proposed. Concluding the welcoming attitude of the conference perfectly.

And drinks.

To see what today brings…

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