​EuroIA 2016: What happened on day two?

Another beautiful day in Amsterdam

The second day of EuroIA 2016 certainly hasn’t seen any slowing in momentum. 4 more workshops, 6 more talks, a keynote from Alanus von Radecki, and drinks at the Travelbird offices (kindly sponsored by Mailchimp and Travelbird). We also saw next year’s [extremely lovely] co-chairs announced ;)

Continuing the theme of ‘Connected Things amongst us’, I think it’s fair to say that yesterday saw a deeper, perhaps more challenging, and often more philosophical look at this area. Considering activity models, actor networks, and the the inevitable privacy and security issues that stem from more connected physical environments.


From Strategy to Structure (and Back Again)
Jorge Arango

Designing Elegant, Modular Systems
Sophia Voychehovski

Mapping Data
Kerstin Mehle & Victor Zwimpfer


Design Sprints at the BBC
Dan Ramsden, Cyrièle Piancastelli, Luisa Sousa & Rob Scott

Nadia illustrated this extremely packed workshop brilliantly in the this sketch-note:

Talks in the afternoon

We saw another six brilliant full length talks on:

Privacy as Default — Concept for Privacy of the Internet of Things
Lutz Schmitt

Designing for Data Tools that Talk to Sensors and Talk to People
Ellis Neder

The Object, the Actor and the Network
Stuart Curran

Thinking Beyond the Screen
Hany Rizk

How Do You Deal with Information Everywhere?
Natacha Hennocq

Learning From a Connected Africa
Rahel Anne Bailie

Rahel Anne Bailie

New co-chairs for 2017

Raffaella, Angus, and Francis

Every year of EuroIA now sees three different co-chairs organise the conference, and yesterday these three (currently fresh-faced) characters were announced to organise EuroIA 2017. Koen, Sylvie and Konstantin will be a hard act to follow!

Keynote: Alanus von Radecki on smart cities

Alanus gave a really great introduction to the components and driving forces behind smart cities, and the often less-smart organisational structures that may prevent or slow us ever seeing this view of smart cities materialise.

Evening drinks

Thanks to TravelBird for the excellent venue for last night’s drinks, and thanks also to MailChimp — who it’s now clear know how to make swag…

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