EuroIA 2017: Välkommen in Stockholm

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EuroIA summit is Europe’s leading Information Architecture (IA) and User Experience (UX) conference. That you probably know by now. Organized every year in September in a different European city, EuroIA has travelled through Europe over the years: Brussels, Barcelona, Rome, Berlin, Paris, Prague, and twice in Amsterdam. This year in Sweden’s capital, and the most populous city in the Nordic countries: Stockholm.

During 13th edition of the IA summit, the programme is packed with inspiring keynotes, talks and workshops. You probably have little extra time to spend in the city. And in order to make that time well spent, we asked a local friend in Stockholm for some in depth advice.

As good information architects, we categorized these tips into three groups:

  1. Floating Points

Floating Points

Stockholm is part of a large archipel that includes no less than 20.000 islands, surrounded by lots of water. So, besides strolling by the water, you might want to take a dip in the water.

Two dipping options. One is on the island Söder:

  • Långholmsbadet

The other swimming spot is on Kungsholmen:

  • Smedsuddsbadet

When it’s too cold to swim and you have some more time, you could take the boot to Grinda. It’ll take you there in about 90 minutes, have lunch there and return.

Check the timetable of the Cinderella boats that will take you there.

And when you get there have lunch at:

  • Framfickan

Kanelbulle & Other Food Related Sites

Kanelbulle is the Swedish name for the cinnamon roll and Sweden is supposed to be the country of its presumed origin. Café Saturnus apparently serves the best in town:

  • Café Saturnus

The islands Kungsholmen and Söder are both pretty close to the EuroIA venue and worth visiting.

On Kungsholmen you could visit Mälarpaviljongen, it’s a Summer only cafe on a floating pontoon:

  • Mälarpaviljongen

And on Söder there’s also a sweet spot near the water called Loopen:

  • Loopen

When on Söder, make sure to visit the neighborhoods Hornstul and Nytorget.

There is a restaurant in Hornstul called Cantina Real:

  • Cantina Real

And a restaurant in Nytorget called Vina:

  • Vina

C is for Culture

If you want to visit one museum, make sure it’s Magasin III. That’s at least what our guide told us. You can eat there as well by the way.

  • Magasin III — Museum for contemporary artworks with an on-site library & casual dining.

You can also combine drinks and art at the Moderna Museet:

  • Moderna Museet — Prominent 20th-century & contemporary art collections on show in museum, plus photographic exhibits.

Or combine modern art with a short boot ride, called Artipelag:

  • Artipelag — Contemporary cultural center, including photography & art installations, with waterside dining.

Södra Teatern is located in a ornate 19th-century theater and it has live bands (rock, indie & jazz) plus live DJ club nights:

  • Södra Teatern

Trädgården — located under the bridge, place to have some drinks, and — at night — do a little dance:

  • Trädgården

Enjoy your stay in Stockholm!

When you commute from one place to another make sure to fill your head space with some music from Spotify’s Stockholm playlist. It’s Spotify’s hometown in the end.

And in cause of doubt, contact us via Twitter.

Thank you MB, for sharing your lovely tips with us!

EuroIA 2017 Stockholm on Google Maps

Finally, we’ve created a Google Maps with all these tips, for your convenience ;)

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