1. Dressing Like No One’s Looking.

Italian cathedrals and churches are often interesting to visit and many hold important art works. Many also have signs posted asking visitors not to enter wearing shorts or with bare shoulders. Women can carry around a scarf that can be used to cover bare shoulders when wearing sleeveless tops. Some places, like the Vatican, will not admit people wearing shorts so plan your dress to go with your sight-seeing.


2. Cappuccino After 11am? NO!

There is no such thing as coffee to-go in Italy, and there’s an unwritten rule of no milk in your coffee past noon. You will never find an Italian walking around with a coffee in a paper cup. It’s meant to be consumed the moment it’s prepared, at the counter where it was prepared.You may also get some strange looks if you order a cappuccino after 11am, as that’s not the norm — milk is only meant to be consumed with breakfast.

NO (1)

3.DON’T Be Shy, Kiss Me!

Men who are close friends, and women, will greet you with an air kiss on each cheek — though it’s hotly debated whether you start on the right or the left.

NO (2)

4. DON’T Buy Gucci on a White Sheet!

If you’ve been to Italy you’ll know all about the touts and vendors that can be found on the busiest tourist streets. Typically these men are selling fake replica handbags on a white sheet on the floor or toys from cardboard boxes for 1 euro. It is against the law to buy from these men and if you get caught you could be fined as well as them. In fact they are so worried about getting caught that they have a look out that blows a whistle if a police officer heads their way and they grab the white sheet and run!

5)DON’T Take “Free” Gifts!

Free roses, bracelets in Rome be aware of these guys trying to give you “free” gifts for your friends/girlfriend. Not only are they not free but the men can be quite pushy sometimes.


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