Eyelash Extensions — All You Need To Know

Eyelash extensions are single strands of synthetic lashes that are curved to imitate a natural eyelash — they can be made from mink, silk, or synthetic and are applied to each individual eyelash by a professional. You can choose your length, curl and material! This enjoyable experience lasts for about two hours; find out all you need to know about eyelash extensions below…

Mink eyelashes are the most realistic as they’re actual mink hair, but many salons will offer faux mink as a perfectly acceptable alternative — they’re fine, soft and silky just like real fur. They’re also shiny in texture, giving the lashes a glossy look. Although they can take longer to apply because of the need to add more very fine fibres, they actually last longer.

Silk eyelashes are a mid-weight type and are finer and more flexible than the synthetic variety. They’re soft and porous, and are suitable if your own lashes tend to be weak. They come in a range of curls and lengths, and give a full appearance with a natural look.

Synthetic eyelashes are made from a polished, acrylic material, and are the firmest of all. When applied thickly they can be quite dramatic! They hold the curl extremely well, but don’t have quite the staying power as the other options. If you’ve got healthy dense lashes normally, they’re the ideal choice for you.

Take A Look at Some Frequently Asked Questions:

How long do eyelash extensions last?

As each lash extension is attached to a single eyelash, the extension will last the length of the natural growth cycle. Touch-ups may be needed, but the glue is long lasting. You can prolong the lifespan up to 6 weeks by avoiding water and oily products near your eyes.

What happens if glue gets in your eyes?

To prevent irritation your technician will make sure that the glue used is completely safe and doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients. As your eyes are closed during the procedure the glue shouldn’t get into your eyes!

What happens when you cry?

This may happen if you’re allergic to the glue being used, and if you experience any discomfort causing a tear, you must tell your professional as the process should be totally pain-free.

How often do you need to get eyelash extensions re-done?

Normally lash extensions will last about six to eight weeks, but this is dependent on the individual’s growth cycle, so a boost may be needed at four weeks.

Can you shower or swim?

You’ll need to keep lashes away from water for about 12 hours after the application as water can weaken them and cause lashes to fall off.

Is it OK to also wear mascara?

You can apply mascara very lightly onto the tips — using mascara at the base of the extensions will cause clumping.

Benefits of Adding Eyelash Extensions

The key benefits of eyelash extensions are the confidence they give as they accentuate your eye color and brightness and you appear younger! You’ll save time by not having to use mascara and eyelash curlers, and because mink lash extensions are more feathery looking and basically lighter they put the least amount of pressure on your lashes, giving you the perfect natural look. Take the time to check out your Sparista. Read reviews and search online to see what individual eyelash extension supplies are used, and if they’re safe for you. If your technician gets eyelash extensions wholesale you may get your treatment at a reduced cost — don’t be afraid to ask!