Study‬ & ‪‎work‬ in ‪‎South‬ ‪‎America.(‪‎Costa‬ ‪‎Rica‬).‪‎Central‬ America

Brilliant opportunity to ‪‎Study‬ & ‪‎work‬ in ‪‎South‬ ‪‎America.(‪‎Costa‬ ‪‎Rica‬).‪‎Central‬ America….
Course available 
‪‎Tourism‬ ‪‎Diploma‬ for 6 months….
Visa Stamped 1 year….
No Old Funds
Easy PR opportunities 
Refused cases of other counties are also considered…
Tuition Fee After Visa Approval:Approx 11,500 $ USD. Including Airport pickup & 1 week accommodation. Ticket not included.
Fund Show Approx 9000$
Contact us at : 93179–20001,90233–33378

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