Exciting new partners for Etch — May 2019

“We are a large international and would like to pitch Etch to our existing customers…”

Not interested.

“We have 120,000 people in 73 countries developing and implementing innovative digital solutions and last year generated 13billion Euro in revenue…”

Not interested.
Well, only if we can talk about this publicly as we are already in a number of NDA’s with other *huge* companies that won’t allow us to say anything.

“No that is fine. We will help Etch find clients and support you in the rollout of the project …”

Cool — Let’s do it!

It is with great pleasure that today we can pull back the curtain and announce our partnership with Atos, a French multinational information technology company.
Over the last few years, Atos has built a number of POC blockchain projects but are now looking for real use cases to sell to their customers. We feel honoured to be included in that list and to have this opportunity.

We are [enter words that describe you as a child at Christmas eve] about this and will be posting *cough* more regular updates as we go along.

Partnership 2 — Open Banking

Our dream here at Etch HQ is that one day everybody will be paid in crypto.

But cash is still king.

People love the idea of “real-time payments” but as soon as we mention crypto or stable tokens you can see their eyes glazing over. This is why over the last six months we’ve been working on a hybrid blockchain/open banking platform. It will allow us to use the magic of smart contracts and use Open Banking to disperse the wages as variable payments thanks to Open Banking APIs.

But to do this we need a partner that is regulated by the FCA to carry out Open Banking services. That’s why we’re also excited to announce our new partnership with MiaPago , a London based Open Banking solution provider. I’ve known Ian and his team for a number of years and the fact that they are in the process of getting FCA approval to carry out Open Banking services *and* want to help us build the commercial side of Etch (they have a team of 30+ developers) it makes them a perfect partner.

Partnership 3 — Wallet

We’ve been looking for a wallet provider for a while as there is no need for us to reinvent the wheel. The CEO of the Divi Project reached out to us wanting to collaborate. Divi is a user-friendly smart wallet that allows users to earn, store, and transact cryptocurrencies easily. They see Etch as a critical application that will make their wallet stand out from the competition.

I finally had the opportunity to meet two of the co-founders — Geoff McCabe and Nick Saponaro — in person this week. I was impressed that a) they had delivered on their promises b) the scale and engagement of their community, and c) the technical challenges already resolved.

But more than anything, they are nice people and I think both projects/communities will get on just fine.

End of partnership update… for now ;-)

Thank You.

Euros Evans


(I’ll be joining Crypto Rich on his channel next week to discuss the above in more detail. Do please send us any questions to @etch_work or @CryptoRichYT on Twitter or post them on our Telegram Channel )