The UX of Learning UX is Broken
Dan Maccarone

I love that you finally wrote this!

Similar thoughts have been brewing in my head since I first discovered the UX immersive and General Assembly when they launched in New York.

It is time to call out this strange cheapening of UX, saying that “anyone can do this if they have $4000” creates the misunderstanding that it isn’t a real profession.

Can you walk in and buy a driver’s license?

And even if you could, would it mean you could drive?

This has got to stop.

UX Architecture is a discipline where books are useful, but only the beginning. Courses are useful, but only the beginning. The real learning isn’t taught, cannot be taught; it is acquired during the apprenticeship of your career, over many years.

It is by driving that you learn to drive better.

There is no other way.

Learning will come from books, courses, users, mentors, blog posts, projects, clients, colleagues, apprentices, and more.

I have been learning every single day, with even more purpose since discovering HCI as a discipline. It is never-ending, and full of wonder.

Thank you for writing this post.

Things needed to be said.

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