Travellers, beware of the #HertzHustle !!

Hertz rental agents will encourage you to prepay for your tank of gas “for your convenience”, and to return your car partially full.

DO NOT DO THIS. Fill up your tanks to the brim.

This is an INTENTIONAL LIE so they can rip you off later.

They will also tell you that the price is preferential to petrol stations on the island. ANOTHER LIE.

When you ask about how much it costs, they say it will be cheaper than to go to a petrol station. MORE LIES.

Hertz lie about everything.

Firstly, there is no Hertz at the airport. They say there is, but there isn’t. (Not at Larnaca airport, in Cyprus)

You have to hunt down an unidentifiable girl with a clipboard (i asked a taxi driver to help me because she was nowhere to be found) and then puzzle your way to another floor and part of the airport on your own.

When you repeatedly call the office to ask where to find Hertz they tell you to look for the girl, not where to actually go. Her only job is to tell you where to go to find a man with a van. Good service would be to have her walk you over, right? Though if I’d been able to FIND HER in less than an hour, that would have made for a better start.

This is the #HertzHustle

Take customers to a remote and secluded location from where they cannot leave by their own means.

Convince customers to prepay for petrol and take payment.

Convince them that they can return the tank in any state they like, and that this is provided for their convenience and is for their benefit. That, if anything, it will be cheaper than refilling at a regular petrol station.

Then, when the customer brings the car back to the middle of nowhere, worried about catching their flight, HERTZ RIP THEM OFF.

There is a (surprise) refueling charge. Another €20. They LIED about there not being an extra cost.

Cheaper than a petrol station? It’s about €5/litre too, instead of €1.27. They LIED AGAIN.

When you ask to speak to a manager, the staff tell you the manager is on holiday.

When you ask to file a formal complaint, the staff say “you can write to hertz on the website”.

When you ask if you can refill the car and leave it at the airport because you’ll miss your flight otherwise, they laugh in your face and tell you there is nobody to bring it back. LAUGH. Not kidding. The person who was ripping me off laughed when I suggested this.

When you ask them where in the purposely illegible (longest lines possible, light grey text on white, tiny font size) terms & conditions it mentions the €20 refueling fee and the price per litre, they cannot point it out to you.

Could it be more LIES? Could it be I paid them for something that is NOT LEGAL out of ignorance?

The hertz hustle is based on lies, and putting the customer under duress.

Photo of dashboard at pickup and dropoff. Note the petrol gauge.

Those 3.5 litres cost me €34.

Thirty-four euro, you read that right.

I was a loyal Hertz customer, given they are on the preferred suppliers list at IBM, and I rented from them repeatedly when I worked there. (Or they were at the time I left IBM, in June 2013)

But Hertz cannot be trusted.

I will never use Hertz again, and would caution anyone from trusting anything Hertz employees say, because they have lied to customers in order to profit.

Avoid the #HertzHustle. Do not believe a word their employees say, and demand to get everything in writing.

This happened at Hertz near Larnaca airport in Cyprus on 23rd (pickup) and 27th (dropoff) February 2017.

Hertz team on twitter have promised to follow up on what the charges were, but despite their helpful attitude, I am still appalled at what their staff did to me both at pickup time, and at dropoff under duress.

I was a woman travelling alone. My pickup and dropoff were after nightfall, in the middle of a field. And I was openly lied to, taken advantage of, and forced to pay a disproportionate amount of money, under duress, at the risk of missing my flight home. Such behaviour cannot possibly be allowed to continue, and as a first step to making it disappear, I have written what happened in a public forum.

I hope Hertz take note and hire honest and caring staff in the future.

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