Hope for Tomorrow

Make Space is an initiative of Euston Town business partnership, committed to identifying opportunities for the use of local artists, theatres and charitable organisations. We seek out spaces — from a blank wall that would benefit from a piece of art, to an empty retail unit — and use our networks and partnerships to repurpose them, inject them with creativity and in turn help to uplift the local area.

Hamed Maiye, Afro Portraitism

Hope for Tomorrow is based in Regents Place, a unit that will eventually become an event space and community café. From March 11th-29th, the space will exhibit art that focuses on the ever changing and complex issues we face today, which can become an overwhelming burden as we attempt to tackle all of them in the best way possible. The media we consume, our conversations and our health are effected by issues such as climate change, new forms of violence, divisive politics and displaced communities.


There are no easy answers. But amongst the complexities of these matters are creative ideas for possible solutions, caring people taking their own initiative, and projects that take tech forward to address 21st century problems.

Artists will use various mediums to express their perception of the issues they feel passionate about. Statements of their experiences will provoke careful consideration and maybe even a new perspective. Hamed Maiye will exhibit his Afro Portraitism installation, previously in the V&A. Clemence Vazard brings her project focusing on women’s experience of harassment. And Olive Branch Arts will showcase work with Western Sahrawi Refugee camps.

Events and workshops will give further opportunities to

Olive Branch Arts’ Youth Theatre Project Sahawari Refugee Camps, Algeria

Our panel discussions will delve deeper in to three carefully crafted topics, helping to widen the context and narrative surrounding the challenges of the 21st century. We have expert panelists coming to openly discuss matters around the social injustice of climate change, the effect of art design and technology on our future cities, and the urgent issue of homelessness and the innovative projects happening.

Keep an eye out for our full events and artist program which will be released later this week, with links to book yourself in to sessions, talks and workshops.