Normalization (a May Day rant)

People speak of avoiding the normalization of Trump. But long before Trump, there was normalization of the vast American kleptocracy, in medicine, education, incarceration, the military, finance, and government (which has enabled the theft). The list doesn’t end there.

This has resulted in allocation of more wealth to the top 0.1 percent of families in the United States than the bottom 90 percent, and to the bottom 40% of the population — 128 million people — how much? 1/500th of the pie! This seems a syndrome that covers the whole of our economy — the overwhelming urge by those with the power to do so to allocate as much to themselves as they can, without regard to the interests of the rest. We have plenty of wealth to go around, but it does not go around. The syndrome has gotten steadily worse in the last 60 years or so, and, with the election of Trump, we have reached a breaking point. Consider how extremely irrational the situation is from the standpoint of human (and planetary) well-being. How long did we think it could go on?

Perhaps one reason this has persisted until now is the comfortable life that it has yielded for many — the technologists (like me), the financiers, the lawyers and doctors, the administrators. Many, but far from a majority. The rest look on with disgust and resentment. Democracy is dangerous in this situation, as we are finding out.

I blame the architects of the theft far more than those who voted for Trump out of rebellion or frustration (not every Trump voter had such motives, but surely enough to push Trump over the edge). It is already well proven that Trump will only accelerate the theft. I can’t guess the future.