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In response to 10 Years of Change

The first video was uploaded to YouTube.
Facebook, then just a year old, dropped “the” from its old URL “thefacebook.com” after acquiring “facebook.com” for $200K.

Wow, I had to check your facts, because it seems like YouTube is older than Facebook. But you’re right! Probably a symptom of being old and, therefore, not seeing FB until 2007 or so.

In response to Well, We Failed.

Thanks for sharing the story. Sorry it didn’t work out as planned. (Nice pitch deck. ;)

Burrell Smith will be your best friend

One of his favorite expressions was “I’ll be your best friend”. He offered “best friendship” for a wide range of activities, like making…

This is hilarious, re early Apple employee Burrell Smith, from Andy Hertzfeld’s book:

One of his favorite expressions was “I’ll be your best friend”…

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How to Make Great Things

Questionable design decisions, being questioned

Appreciating how far things have come

In response to Dear Ev,

I appreciate the challenge, Julien. What would you suggest we do to help, specifically? Open to ideas!

“Investors, LPs, and Boards are beginning to crack down bigtime on companies that have next to no diversity because it limits your overall appeal and capability when you strategically go after a market/group.”

Are they, though? I think that might be a good development, but I wonder if it’s wishful thinking. I’ve never personally heard of an instance of…

Interesting point. I suspect there are many other ways they’ll improve/change it. For instance, like electronics, if they can use space more efficiently, they’ll offer a smaller version and/or a roomier version. If they wanted, they could also make lots of superficial changes that wouldn’t change shape (especially inside) that would make it feel newer and sexier.

That’d be great, though, if our cars felt less disposable.

“I’m talking about the time-honored practice of unloading records you once deemed worthy, possibly taking a financial loss, depleting your collection, and maybe getting nothing but a handful of cash in return — which, invariably, gets pissed away on food, drinks, or parking.”

In the mid 90s, I was running my first Internet company from an…

Agreed. The construction of the feed (that is, what goes into it in what order) has gone through a few iterations. The version we have now is the simplest, after trying to be fancier before — it’s just reverse-chron of things published or recommended by people/publicaitons you follow. And it’s definitely not the end-all.

We started out with lots of theories that newness was not the most important…