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This is not a new strategy.

In April 2012, I wrote an internal document titled “What is Medium?” Here are some quotes from it:

It should be clear by now that Medium will be a publishing platform that is also a network. It will serve both producers and consumers of content by linking things together in useful ways and making the whole…

Yes, let it replace your blog.

I looked at your blog (assuming you mean this one). I see you do have some minimal ads on it, which you can’t put on Medium at this point. So if that income is meaningful, that may give you pause.

Other than that, bring it over!

Hard to predict what kind of engagement you’ll get. I see you get a few comments on your blog. No…

Don’t be sad.

Dave, thank you for caring. Let me try and convince you to not be sad by annoyingly picking apart your complaint — which I really appreciate you writing, and so politely, by the way.

I’m sad because when you say “length is not a measure of thoughtfulness” its like saying a tweet has as much weight as a Steve Jobs biography.

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Appreciating how far things have come

Allowing anybody to add responses to the tail end of stories will degenerate into the standard blog posting commenting long-tail. Please don’t eviscerate something beautiful.

Responses are not free-for-all comments

There’s an important distinction between responses and regular web comments — besides that they can be whole posts — that we probably haven’t made clear enough. While, unlike Medium’s sidebar notes, they are not author-moderated, not just anyone can come around and post something to the bottom of your story that others see.

I was trying to be provocative. :)

Buster, good for you! What was the advice your coach gave you for starters? (Trying to save money by not hiring my own. ;) I take it it was some form of: Figure out when you can write regularly?

Maybe I should move to the East Bay. My BART ride is only about 5 minutes. Though I’m currently writing this in an Uber and stuck in traffic, so that works too.

Do you write on your phone?

Medium is not a publishing tool

Twelve years ago, I was heading Blogger at Google and frustrated we kept losing users to our competitors, like Movable Type from Six Apart. A common phenomenon at the time was that people would start blogging on Blogger — because it was free, popular, and easy to set up — and then “graduate” to more powerful tools.

Poll: Cover Image and Titles

Please vote with your highlights: Which of these do you think looks better (talking about the content itself — ignore the chrome):

The thing that threatens the web is the mobile ecosystem and the inevitable march of centralization.

Over the next few years, there is no doubt content and attention will continue to shift from tens of millions of web sites to a few centralized networks that people access via apps on their phones. It’s not that I wish that future to be true. It just is. The open web will not go away (knock on wood…

In response to 10 Years of Change

The first video was uploaded to YouTube.
Facebook, then just a year old, dropped “the” from its old URL “thefacebook.com” after acquiring “facebook.com” for $200K.

Wow, I had to check your facts, because it seems like YouTube is older than Facebook. But you’re right! Probably a symptom of being old and, therefore, not seeing FB until 2007 or so.