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PK: “Call me an Uber.”

Siri: “You want me to call you Huber?”

PK: “No.”

Agreed. The construction of the feed (that is, what goes into it in what order) has gone through a few iterations. The version we have now is the simplest, after trying to be fancier before — it’s just reverse-chron of things published or recommended by people/publicaitons you follow. And it’s definitely not the end-all.

We started out with lots of theories that newness was not the most important…

I posted this internally to Medium employees November 18, 2013. See Hatching Inside Medium for more context.

Casual Content

Making small the right size for Medium

One of the next big things I want to figure out is how we design for “casual” content on Medium. By casual I mean things that are less weighty, less long, perhaps more visual. “Snacks” and…

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How to Make Great Things

Questionable design decisions, being questioned

Appreciating how far things have come

Some obvious stuff we need to do

  1. Make the post listings in all of Medium use the stream format (except on publication pages, where it will be optional)
  2. The stream in iOS
  3. Mobile (app) posting and commenting
  4. A more seamless reading experience (e.g., not needing to leave the stream as much).
  5. Add tags when posting from inline…

Some stuff people are saying about the new Medium stream/inline editor

Robin Sloan:

Medium = “the box you type into on the internet.”

To which, Sippey said: “There is no box.”

Owen Williams:

Oh man. Medium’s new quick-post format is awesome; it’s the perfect place for those quick hot takes on…

But can it really be both a platform for this stream-of-consciousness conversation and for the long-form stuff that people take days and weeks to create and that doesn’t fit into that flow?

Well, yes. ☺ We are optimistic that Medium can be both short- and long-form. Our evidence for this comes from several things:

A Less Long, More Connected Medium

I love a professionally reported 17-minute article about an important and surprising topic. Or a 10-minute technical mystery by a professional designer. And who doesn’t enjoy a 91-minute interview between a media entrepreneur and a journalist?

High-production value, lengthy stories are what Medium is best known for. And I’m glad we’ve…

In response to Better than meditation

Doing both

And then I realized: Wait, he’s not saying you have to do it instead.

When I read Buster’s post, I thought: Sounds cool, but no way it’s better than meditation. So I didn’t really consider it.

And then I realized: Wait, he’s not saying you have to do it instead.

And then I read Tim Ferriss’s post on morning pages.

And then today I tried it. What I…

I posted this internally to Medium employees February 12, 2015 (the same day I posted it here). See Hatching Inside Medium for more context.

The One-Dayer

I am a big believer in constraint as a force for driving creativity, focus, and insights. Also, as a key to getting shit done.

We’ve all had experiences where as individuals — or more likely as a team …

I posted this internally to Medium employees on March 5, 2014. See Hatching Inside Medium for more context. We’ve since done a lot of work in this area (with more to come).

A Brief History of Collections

In the beginning, every Medium story had to be published into a collection. That collection had to be selected before you started your story (“New Post”) only existed on…