Bathroom Stall Latch

I’m sure you’ve seen this latch on many a bathroom stall. The design baffles me. First of all, there’s like 5 millimeters of difference between locked and unlocked—and there’s no click or anything to tell you you’re there. It’s a very lose movement (um…so to speak).

Then, the handle is weighted toward unlocking, causing even more uncertainty and potential mishaps. It gives you the sense that someone testing the door could make it fall out of place, as I’m sure has happened. (And I won’t mention the fact that it gives no indication on the other side of whether it’s latched or not—an “occupied” sign is probably an advanced, more expensive option. But geez.)

I know I’m not alone when I say, when in the stall, I need to feel confident and relaxed. This latch doesn’t help.